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Healthy, Stress-Free Meals Ahead of Time,
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PLUS... 80 Meal-Prep-Ready Paleo Recipes!

NEW! 140+ page meal prep guide and paleo cookbook shows you how to save time, money and your sanity with just a little meal prepping each week!
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Busy? Tired? Stressed? You could skip the cooking tonight – and still serve a hot and healthy meal!

As a working mom raising twin boys, there were so many nights I'd come home stressed out over what to feed my family.

That’s why I made prepping healthy, fully-cooked meals I could just reheat and serve in minutes a part of my weekly routine many years ago.

This book will show you the easiest ways to pre-make at least a few meals you can enjoy in the next few days, weeks –- or even months from now!

When you can't or don’t want to cook, an awesome breakfast, lunch or dinner can always be as close as your fridge or freezer!

Trust me, just a little meal prepping can change your life!

Forget about pricey meal-in-a-box delivery companies like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron ... the do-it-yourself version is a lot easier than you think!

Once you see how quick and easy it is to partially prep some of your meals, you can say goodbye to services like Hello Fresh.

After all, you still have to assemble and cook everything in their cardboard boxes, right?

With just a little shopping and light prep work, you can easily do the same thing –– and even have food left over for more than one meal!

Fresh & Fast instantly delivers everything you need to start enjoying freshly-cooked meals at home that come together super-fast

Here's Just a Taste of What's Inside Fresh & Fast...


The 6 Simple Steps to Every Successful Meal Prep

How to Choose the Best Recipes for Your Meal Preps

5 of the "Laziest" Ways to Cook Many of Your Meal Preps

Don't Know Which Meals to Prep? Here's an Easy Way to Decide...

Instant Flavor Boosters to Spice Up Any Meal

Choosing Storage Containers – Kinda Boring, But Essential

Best Ways to Reheat Your Meal Preps – No It's Not Always the Microwave

80 Fresh & Fast Meal-Prep-Ready Paleo Recipes

Fridge or Freezer? What stores best where

What's the Best Day to Do Your Meal Preps?

Everything You Need to Know About Paleo – Great for the Newbies

A Peek Inside The Rock's Fridge ... and Lots More!


PLUS... You Get 75+ Meal Prep Ready Paleo Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

This big collection includes popular recipes from the Paleo Newbie blog
plus many tasty new dishes created just for this ebook!

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